Felted Kiwi Neck Warmer - folded down with silk habotai showing.
Felted Kiwi Neck Warmer - with kiwi seeds showing
Felted Kiwi Neck Warmer worn as queenly headdress.
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Felted Kiwi Neck Warmer

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This versatile Felted Kiwi Neck Warmer can be worn around your neck...or even head. Fold it down to show off the lovely shiny silk interior or wear it straight to show the wooly green flesh and black seeds of its kiwi namesake. Or if you're in the mood for fun, pull it on your head to wear as a whimsical but queenly headdress fit for Nefertiti.

•  The color of this felted accessory is green and brown with shiny bits from silk fibers.

• This neck warmer is shaped like a tube.

• This handcrafted cowl is made from a superfine, 18-micron, Merino wool roving laid upon soft, silk habotai fabric using the technique of Nuno felting. With this technique, the wool fibers migrate through the silk fabric, creating lovely ruching textures. 

In addition to insulating, wool naturally resists water. Hence, this cowl will keep you warm in chilly weather and dry in light rain. Plus, wool resists mildew, dirt, and fire! It's magical stuff!


• The cowl measures 11.5" / 29 cm in height and 11.5" / 29cm in width.

• It is a light thickness of felt and weighs 1.8 oz. / 52 gm.

• It's a smaller size neck warmer and fits a range of small to medium heads.

Felt is an eco-friendly, fiber that is water and stain-resistant. Dust isn't a problem - just give it a shake. 

• This cowl can be gently hand-washed in cold water. Rinse. Blot dry on a towel. Always air dry hand-felted wearables. You can iron if needed, using a low temperature. 

This cowl is ready to ship, with complimentary shipping within the United States.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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