Red and Green Watermelon Pixie Hood - side view
Red and Green Watermelon Pixie Hood - front view
Red and Green Watermelon Pixie Hood - three quarters view
Red and Green Watermelon Pixie Hood - side view
Red and Green Watermelon Pixie Hood -back view
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~Adopted~ Watermelon Pixie Hood

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Filled with kawaii charm, this Red and Green, Watermelon Pixie Hood will spark summer thoughts throughout winter's gloom. This felted hood is easy to travel with and can be packed flat or rolled up. Pop it on when you want some Watermelon Sugar Sunshine!


• The colors are ruby red, forest green, bright white, and deep black.


• The hood has a pointed witch or pixie hat-like shape. Around the face, the brim flares wider, ending in two adorable turned-up points at the base.

• This is a handcrafted hat created from a superfine, 18-micron, Merino wool roving using the technique of wet felting. This ancient and simple craft takes patience and lots of kneading by hand to shrink the wool fibers into a strong, flexible, and warm felt. In addition to the wool, there are shiny white milk fibers felted in to represent the part that is between the green rind and the red fruit.

In addition to insulating, wool naturally resists water. Hence, this hat will keep you warm in chilly weather and dry in light rain. Plus, wool resists mildew, dirt, and fire! It's magical stuff!


• Headsize - FITS MOST GROWNUP HEADS. If you have a large head, the hat will sit up higher than if you have a small-sized head. The model has a 22.25" head size.

• The hat measures 17" / 43 cm in height and 11" / 28 cm in width.

• It is mediumweight felt, weighing  4.1 oz / 118 gm.


Felt is an eco-friendly, fiber that is water and stain-resistant. Dust isn't a problem - just give it a shake. 

• If needed, this hood can be gently hand-washed in cold water. Rinse. Blot dry on a towel. Place a small towel inside to shape. Always air dry hand-felted wearables.


This hat is ready to ship.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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