Finding Small Hats That Fit

Finding Small Hats That Fit

Do you find it hard to find a hat that fits your small-sized head? Not finding hats in the mens or women's section, are you forced to shop in the children's section? Or perhaps you thought that you could only wear baseball caps?

At FeltHappiness, the hats are not made in molds like in a factory, but are handcrafted, by me, Juliane Gorman. Consequently, there are hats in all different sizes, including many small hats. These range in size from 20.75 to 22 inches.

This Green Fig Beret is an example of a smaller size hat. 

Small Sized Green Fig Hat for An Adult


Prefer something less whimsical in style? Then check out the Charcoal and Silver Beret.

Charcoal and Silver Beret - small sized

Not exactly sure of your size? Then, visit this helpful page on how to figure your head size.

Like another hat in the shop, but it's not in your size? That's not an issue.  I can happily create a custom one for you. Click HERE to find out how to order a custom hat.


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