How Felt is Made

Feltmaking, or how I make wet felted hats

There are many ways to create felt: some makers knit and then full (shrink) in the washing machine or boil it; while other artisans take loose fibers and poke with sharp, barbed needles (needle felting). I'm a feltmaker who uses soapy water and agitation to create felt. This is called wet felting.


Steps Needed to Make a Felted Hat

  • Using three to five layers of wispy wool fiber, I evenly layer around a flat resist, ‘painting’ with various colors of wool, silk, and bamboo.
  • Then, soapy water is sprinkled on to relax the fibers, and aid in entangling. Gently, I rub the surface of the loose wool to make felt.
  • As the fibers interlock, stronger effort is needed: massaging and throwing the felt so that it shrinks further. I often use my vintage washboard!
  • Then, I rinse out the soap and shape and drape on a wooden hat block.
  • Using fine millinery techniques, each hat is styled to bring out the best in it and YOU, the wearer.


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