Happy HatAttack @ RISDCraft

Happy HatAttack @ RISDCraft

Well, this past RISDCraft fair was certainly a Happy HatAttack for FeltHappiness Hats. It was so swamped, that I almost needed an assistant. (Not that there was any room in my booth for an extra human).

And you know how I ~try~ to take photos at craft fairs? Well, I didn't quite do keep up the photography pace at this event. My energy needed to be reserved to helping visitors!

Student Hat Appreciation

As the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is an art school, there were lots of energetic, young folks appreciating and getting happy in my hats.


Two young women enjoying some of my felted wizard hats at RISDCraft

Some Hat Happiness


And more...


Three young women being Happy in FeltHappiness Hats.

Hat Larking with Three Students


Happy HatAttack by Everyone Else

Not that RISDCraft only had student attendees. In actuality, there was a wide age range of visitors: from babies in strollers, to senior citizens using canes. This is because, in addition to being Parents Weekend, it was also RISD Alumni Weekend.

In fact, it was my 35th Reunion!

All the artists vending at RISDCraft were alumni and we wore lanyards with our names, what we studied, and our graduation year.

Mine said 'TX 1984'. TX is for Textiles, not Texas. :)


Grownups trying on FeltHappiness Hats at RISDCraft 2019

Two (or three) visitors trying on hats.


Other Reunions

There were other, non-academic-related reunions at RISDCraft. I got to meet in the IRL (in the real-life) Heather, a person that I know from Instagram. I hadn't realized that she also was a RISD grad! And from Textiles, too!!

From Way Back

Secondly, my friend Lindy stopped by to visit. Originally, we know each other from junior high. Although, our paths separated for years. Eons later, through my Etsy Shop (where she spotted me modeling my hats), we reconnected. So, it was nice to meet up again! A True Reunion!


Lindy and I at RISDCraft - both modeling FeltHappiness Hats.


More Hat Fun

At RISDCraft I didn't wear my most recent personal hat, which is a summer-weight hat. As the day was overcast and threatening to drizzle, it was just too cold. Instead, I needed ear coverage. So, I 'borrowed' something from my shop. This peach-colored hat is warm, festive, and inspired by Burningman!

Below, I'm wearing the hat with my RISD weaving teacher - Susan Sklarek!

Here I am wearing a warm peach hat borrowed from my shop. On my right, wearing a yellow coat, is my former weaving teacher art RISD, Susan Sklarek.

Photo was taken by Heather.


StyleCrone Hat Attack

Each month, Judith Boyd, of Style Crone shares one of her amazing outfits, always topped with an elegant hat. This month, she is wearing a beautiful, oversized-bow fascinator created by Brooks LTD.

Do check Judith out - she is an inspiration and writes movingly about style, aging, and grief.


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