Learning about Ink on Cloth with Fiona Duthie

Learning about Ink on Cloth with Fiona Duthie

Recently, I took an online feltmaking class - Ink on Cloth - with Fiona Duthie.

I had been (and still am) distanced from my usual daily making. Is it due to being in Coronavirus Lockdown Mode?  Or is it because Summer Holiday induced Mommy Guilt? My sons are not toddlers; they are 16 and 20.

Anyway, I thought that studying with Fiona would be The Activity to shake off my creative doldrums and a good excuse to 'ignore my kids'.  Having taken Fiona's wonderful Surface Design Class several years ago, I already knew that she is a talented, thorough, and generous teacher. 

With Ink on Cloth, we methodically (but creatively) explored painting on various surfaces, observing how the ink reacted. 

Many of my talented fellow students obtained excellent control of their linework. For me, I still need more patience and practice practice practice. I have the handwriting of a cat!

Below are some of my samples on fabric. 

Ink on Cloth on various fabrics


And here are some of my samples on PreFelt. You can see that I have less control here. 

Samples from Ink on Cloth class - ink paintings on prefelts

We also painted on fully felted pieces. My brushwork was not fab on those! Plus, I confess that I was rushing to catch up because as I had a late start with the class due to a family emergency in California.


In addition to using ink, we also explored mark-making with other art supplies. I really loved using these and have plans to incorporate them into future hats.


Anyway, here is the final project that I made for the class - a Kokoshnik type hat inspired by a visit to the Montana de Oro State Park on the Pacific Ocean. 

Kokoshnik style hat with Ink on Cloth painting felted in.

There's a video of me wearing it HERE.

The inkwork is subtle on the hat. Hopefully, I will be bolder on my next one.



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Thanks, Jeannie! Here is a supply list that Fiona Duthie has on her website – https://www.fionaduthie.com/ink-on-cloth-online-workshop-materials-list/

It’s a type of Sumi Ink. It was a good class – do take it so you learn how to make the ink permanent.

Juliane Gorman

Looks fab! What type of ink did you use on the prefelt?


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