Felted Hats inspired by mossy grey stone walls of Ireland.

Wool Wonders - From Fluff to Fascination - DublinMaker 2023

In 2022, I participated in Dublin Maker - it was my first event in Ireland and quite a marvelous introduction. This year, I hope to be part of Dubin Maker again. Update: I have been accepted and look forward to being part of the event!


Hats Inspired by Irish Stone Walls

For this year's event, I want to share some recently created headwear inspired by the mossy stone walls of Ireland AND my working with Irish-raised wool. So I will display my stone-inspired felted hats on one of my vertical hat stands. (Learn more about my stone-inspired collection HERE.)


Now Hands On

Additionally, I want to have this year's Dublin Maker set up to be more interactive. In order to better understand the magic of feltmaking, the public is invited to get wet their hands wet and try making simple 'stones' with Irish Jacob wool. In addition to Irish wool, my 'stones' contain wool nepps, hand-dyed silk throwsters waste, viscose, and undyed ramie fibres. When combined and then wet with soapy water, these materials create a round object that really looks like a stone!

I will provide the fibre materials for visitors to create their own small stones.

Sample of wool stones.


Felted Pixie Hat made of Irish-raised Jacob Wool and imported Merino wool - plus a felted stone.


Note: this page is still being developed for the Dublin Maker 2023 project, pending acceptance by the organisers.



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