Find FeltHappiness Hats in Japan

Find FeltHappiness Hats in Japan

Hats Now Stocked in Japan

Exciting News! FeltHappiness Hats is now carried in Japan at Poppins Hat, a newly opened millinery shop.


Felted Red Strawberry Beret modeled by Poppins Hat


How Did This Happen?

A few months ago, the proprietor of the hat shop, Mizuyo, contacted me after seeing my hats on Instagram. She wondered if I would be interested in having a selection of my felted hats at her Kyoto-based hat store.  


The Sizing Challenge

Since the focus of Poppins Hat is on large-sized hats, I would need to re-create bigger hats. For certain millinery styles. such as my cloches and top hats, this would not be an issue. I can easily felt larger hats in these hat styles.

However, Mizuyo wanted to carry a selection of my fruit-inspired berets. Unfortunately,  sizing my berets can be problematic. 


Too Small

Many of my felted berets tend to come out on the small side. At craft fairs, this has been a disappointing issue for folks with larger head-sizes. And you know how I like to spread Happiness through Hats? So, this was a problem that I needed to figure out.

Thankfully, in December, I had a custom order to make my medium-sized, Black Pagoda Beret in a much larger size. Thinking hard, I figured it out. The solution was obvious - start out larger! You can see how it turned out HERE.



As a result of my tinkering, I was able to make bigger sized berets for Poppins Hat.

Visit Poppins Hat, where you can see the available Strawberry along with several other versions of felted strawberry headwear that I've shared on Instagram. In addition, there is a fig, a lemon and a couple of kiwi berets!


Here's Mizuyo in front of her shop in Kyoto, Japan.


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Sally, Thank you for stopping by, reading, and being so kind to congratulate me (well, my hats) on being at Poppins Hat! 💚

Juliane Gorman

Congratulations Juliane. This really is exciting news.

Sally Gulbrandsen

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