New Fruit Inspired Kawaii Hats & Neckwarmers

New Fruit Inspired Kawaii Hats & Neckwarmers

Shop Update

Come and see the New Fruit Inspired Kawaii Hats & Neckwarmers.

Amazingly, there are 18 new pieces of wearable art at FeltHappiness! Fruits include colorful Green Kiwi, Purple Fig, Yello Lemon, and Red Strawberry.

In addition to the usual, cute FeltHappiness hats, there are now adorable, felted Neck Warmers, too.

If you like, you can wear a strawberry beret AND a neck cowl as part of a happy matchy-matchy set. See hat HERE and cowl HERE.

Kawaii Red Strawberry Beret and Neckwarmer


Of course, you can always wear a piece like this Kiwi Neckwarmer, solo to emphasize its adorableness!

Felted Green and Brown Kiwi Inspired Neck Warmer


Red Button saying Pick Your Fruit

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