Can I Add London Hat Week to my Bucket List?

Can I Add London Hat Week to my Bucket List?

Yet another Item!

In 2020, I want to attend London Hat Week and of course, see the annual hat show. Seeing all the hats displayed at 'World Garden' hat exhibition is so very inspiring. There are over 200 hats from milliners and makers from 30+ countries.

Unfortunately, there are not yet many photos on websites. I think that the organizer, XTerrace, rightfully wants people to attend the ticketed show. Hopefully, there will be more photos later on. In the meantime, if you 'do' Instagram, there are lots of photographs of the hats and the attendees on the XTerrace Instagram account, especially within the Stories & Highlights sections.

If you are 'do' Facebook, there are some images to be found. My friend, Sara Harvey, of SHMillinery, has kindly filmed ~my~ contribution. She said that the hat is in a great spot near the front window! Of course, she also has a hat in the show which you can see on her Facebook Page.


Which Hat?

In case you are not (understandably) keen on Social Media, here's my hat which is in London. (You may remember it from last fall).

Felted Hat exhibited at London Hat Week's World Garden Hat Exhibition - the orange-colored Las Vegas Creamsicle Hat


Like many of my hats, The Vegas Creamsicle is rather playful. But, as there is food within its trifecta of inspiration, it's much more whimsical than my usual felted work.

Hat Inspiration

Can you believe that the hat was inspired by memories of childhood Creamsicles, over-the-top Las Vegas Showgirls, and the reproductive parts of a lily?

Inspiration for my Vegas Creamsicle Hat which was inspired by Vegas Showgirls, Orange Creamsicle (popsicles) and the reproductive parts of a lily.

If you are interested, there is a blog post from October 2018 where I go into the technical challenges of making such a tall hat out of felted wool. 


Next year I want to go to London Hat Week to be part of the excitement. I want to see the Hat Exhibition, the millinery suppliers, hat workshops, hatwalks, and exciting preview nights. It's a great way to celebrate hats and also wear a lot of them! But, most of all, I want to meet all the hat-loving people who make, wear and breathe hats! 

I wonder how many hats I can fit in my suitcase???


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