Your order will be packed up and shipped within 1-2 business days. All of the felted wearables on my website are Ready-to-Ship.  At this point, Shipping is FREE throughout the lovely I cannot get my head around setting up for all the various postage rates.

FREE SHIPPING is definitely a win-win for You!


To be sustainable, all orders are packed with new 80% recycled, kraft tissue paper. A paper band and yarn tie finish off the parcel, making an artistic presentation. I include a packing slip (without prices) and a few business cards, too. This Complimentary Gift Wrap is included with every order.

If you want to have a message to accompany your gift, please write in the Notes Section so I can include it in the box. 


Gift wrapped present in kraft paper tissue and ribbon with FeltHappiness Sticker and handwritten card.



Orders ship via Ireland's AnPost. However, as I am still learning about shipping in Ireland, this may change.



As of December 2021, I'm no longer living in the USA, hence, there's no longer access to the lovely free USPS Priority Mail boxes. So, I am either going to recycle existing boxes or purchase cardboard boxes. Taller wizard-type hats ship in larger cardboard boxes. The felted cowls ship in flat envelopes. 


At this point, how long shipping takes is somewhat of an unknown. I'm learning by experience.

Within Dublin, the shipping is quite speedy - customers have received hats the next day!

Beyond Ireland, delivery can take 7-20 days depending upon where you live and the time of year. 



Mail services during December are sometimes slow due to the large volume of holiday parcels.


If you have any questions, please contact me at