Felted teapots at Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery

Felted teapots at Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery

Felted Teapots return to Pittsburgh

Again, the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery has included felted teapots in its annual exhibition: Teapots!12.  There are 47 artists contributing to the show. In addition to teapots made of glass, there are those made of traditional materials, such as ceramics and metals. Plus, there are teapots made of atypical materials, such as textiles.

This year, there are four artists who work with felted wool. Three of the artists combine felt with other materials to make mixed-media, felted teapots.


Several examples of mixed media feltmaking

Ceramacist Ellen Silberlicht creates raku and porcelain vessels adorned with elaborate, botanically-inspired lids. To learn more about how life’s challenges caused her to combine clay with felt, visit her website – HERE.


Three Ceramic Teapots with Wet Felted Floral Fantasy Stoppers on Top by Ellen Silberlicht
Ellen Silberlict’s mixed media teapots: ceramic and felted wool.


Also, artist Pam MacGregor combines hard objects with soft felt. She has created many mixed media, felted teapots, often using found objects in her work. The Morgan Gallery has an extensive page of her work HERE.


 Pam MacGregor's mixed media felted teapots

Pam MacGregor’s ‘BonE AppeTEA’ which is one of several of her felted teapot on exhibition.


Local artist, Rae Gold is one of the artists who I actually know in the real world; we are both members of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh! Like the above artists, she came into feltmaking later in her artistic career. Similar to feltmaker Pam MacGregor, she also has an extensive catalog on the gallery’s website.


Two of Rae Gold's Felted Teapots on exhibition

Rae Gold’s “The Eyes Have it’ and ‘Help.’  The gallery has many images of Rae’s felted teapots and other felted vessels, HERE.


Lastly, artist Sue Smorthwaite has contributed a felted teapot to the show. As Sue lives in Australia, this makes it an international show. I don’t believe that she was in last year’s exhibition; you can see my review of it HERE.

In addition to sculpture, Sue has created several pieces of impressive wearable art, one of which has a detailed in a ‘how to’ in the excellent Australian magazine Felt, issue #17.  Here’s a link to the digital edition of the magazine, which is also available for purchase.


 Sue Smorthwaite's wet felted teapot, which is shaped like a ring and I believe holds tea!

Australian artist, Sue Smorthwaite’s wet felted teapot, ‘Tea Bone.’


If you can’t make it…

The Teapots:12! runs through May 26th, 2018 which I realize is quite soon!

If you can’t make it to Pittsburgh by then, there’s an excellent online catalog of the exhibition, which includes the felted teapots amongst the other media.

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