FeltHappiness Hats included in Refigural magazine

FeltHappiness Hats included in Refigural magazine

Two of my hats are included in the newest issue of Refigural, an alternative, style magazine based in New York. 

Interestingly, the article is titled the 'Essence of Etsy' which is where the editor found me.  Who would have thought?!  (Honestly, I don't think that Etsy would choose anything that I make).

Here's one of my favorite photos from the article.  Love how playful it is. Did I mention that Refigural has a somewhat irreverent approach to fashion?  There's an interesting article about the magazine in Dazed.

From Refigural Magazine -- Woman looking surprised while wearing a felted hat and a bark-patterned skirt

Credits are linked to Instagram

Photography @_loganjackson
Styling @mitch.mcguire
Hair @tsuyoshiharada
Ph. Assist @zindork
Model @katherinelouiseblack

Katherine is also wearing @gauntlettcheng and @audreylouisereynolds who are indie designers that are bigger and beyond Etsy. I suppose that this might be true of me, too. :)

The other model is Nat @eo.nat

The hat pictured above is available HERE on my website. While the other one, the Forest Fairy Beret with Dancing Leaf, can be seen HERE.


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