RISD Craft Fair

RISD Craft Fair

On Saturday, October 12th, FeltHappiness will be participating in the annual RISD Craft fair.

FeltHappiness Felted Raspberry Beret will be at the RISD Craft Fair October 12, 2019.


A Return to Providence

I'm super excited because I've not been back to Providence since the 80s! In 1984, I graduated from RISD with a BFA in Textiles. I continued to live there for a year more while working in the basement of a wallpaper store making window shades. It was the first of many jobs that have filled the arc of my glamorous career. :)

So, I'm looking forward to seeing the City and all of its changes. Hopefully, there will be time for a bit of sightseeing! Alas, WaterFire is not scheduled during the Alumni Weekend. 

Hats Finding Homes

Lastly, I eagerly anticipate seeing my FeltHappiness hats appreciated by RISD alums, students, staff, and everyone else!

Find the Felted Raspberry Beret featured above, over in my Shop. 


"Life is too short for Boring Hats!"

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