Irish Times features Sculpture in Context in a video.

Sculpture in Context 2022 in Irish Times

Video of Sculptures

Excitingly, this year's Sculpture in Context, has a video in the Irish Times!


Sculpture in Context in the Irish Times


Click on the link to watch the complete video which is rather interesting and under 4 minutes long. It's beautifully edited so that you can really get a taste of the exhibition. Plus, the organizers helpfully explain the varied perspectives of the artists.


Find my Pods

At around 1 minute, 11 seconds, you can spot my installation, Perpetual. Above is a screeen shot of the video. If you visit the Gardens, you can find the piece underneath the Wisteria Chain Tent. 


A Map

Located in the Glasnevin neighborhood of Dublin, the exhibition runs through the 7th of October, 2022. Here's a link to a Map of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. My piece is to the left of the Pond.


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