Valentine's Countdown - 7 Red Hats, Some New, Some Old

Valentine's Countdown - 7 Red Hats, Some New, Some Old

Have Red Hats, Ready to Go

Yes, Valentine's, the holiday that was designed to sell chocolate and greeting cards can also be applied to felted hats. And unlike the chocolate, a hat lasts a lot longer and can be worn three seasons: Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Here are 7 red hats

- in case you need one for EVERY DAY before February 14th. Or just every day of the week!


1. The Wide Brimmed Red and Blue Hat - for your Paddington the Bear needs.

Big Brimmed Rea and Blue Felted Hat



2. Slightly Quieter Red and White Felted Beret for a Bit of Rose Gold Sparkle.



3. This Red Hat was actually created with Valentine's as its Inspiration!

Valentine's Inspired Berry Red Felted Top Hat



4. A rather unusual felted offering in Watermelon Red.

Unusual Watermelon Red Felted Hat with Earflaps and Antenna on Top.



5. Does your Beloved have a Small Head? If so, this Red and Gold Top Hat might suit. Added plus, it was inspired by Harry Potter and is in Gryffindor Colors.

Red and Gold Top Hat - Small Size



6. This Red Felted Hat looks a bit like a cleric's Biretta or a hat from an Italian Renaissance painting.

Side View of a Claret Red, Felted Hat in the shape of a Biretta. Size MEDIUM.



7. Almost not a hat at all, this Red Felted Skull Cap rests on top of the head.

Over at my ETSY SHOP: Felted Red Skull Cap that rests upon the head.



In conclusion, wearing a Red Hat every day of the week or leading up to Valentine's Day is a possibility.

But, it may just be folly. There's always another red - wine!

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Thanks, Carolyn. So glad that you are enjoying my posts!

Juliane Gorman

Your post is so much fun. Love your sense of humore


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