First Shop Update of the Decade for FeltHappiness

First Shop Update of the Decade for FeltHappiness

New Felted Hats

Yes, it's exciting to have the decade begin and have some new and not so new hats to share.

Some will be familiar to those of you who follow me on social media. But, it's so easy to miss things on Instagram, that you may not have seen them already.


Oooo Soft Colors

While other hats have not been seen at all. Indeed, there are two brand spanking new hats that I'm pleased to share with you. They have such pretty and soft colors. 

Introducing, the Lavender and Green Curlicue & the Ruffled Blues Felted Beret.

This one has the rather popular Curlicue shape, yet is in a not-often-seen coloration. What do you think of it?

Pastel-colored Felted Hat reminiscent of a Monet Painting - 'Morning on the Seine near Giverny'


It rather reminds me of a Monet painting that is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - 'Morning on the Seine near Giverny.' 

Having gone off to art school in love with the Impressionists, I was rather saddened to have that somehow 'surgically' removed via my education. 

Oh well. It's a good thing that it's been some years, and I can now love pretty for pretty's sake!

See the rest of the collection HERE

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