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~ Adopted ~ Felted Witch Hat Climate Chaos Rainfall Resilience

~ Adopted ~ Felted Witch Hat Climate Chaos Rainfall Resilience

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This Felted Witch Hat has been adopted.


In a world where ominous weather extremes cast shadows of uncertainty, the enchanting Felted Witch Hat rises like a beacon of hope. Crafted with love and a touch of magic by a hatmaker in regularly rainy Ireland, this bewitching creation is a testament to the power of adaptation and resilience in the face of our changing climate.

This Climate Chaos Rainfall Resilience piece, adorned with sprouting seeds, symbolises nature's indomitable spirit. As droughts and floods impact us, the hat reminds us that, like raindrops nurturing the earth, we can survive if we make changes.

Meticulously hand-felted to perfection, the hat's unique, flowing shape adds a touch of ethereal elegance to your fantasy or Halloween ensemble. Its soft and cosy texture ensures comfort and warmth during your spooky night adventures, making it the ideal companion for the unpredictable elements.

But there's more to this felted headwear than meets the eye. It yearns for you to embrace its optimism, to celebrate resilience, and to carry the message that we can make a difference as stewards of our planet. The hat not only wants to be happy; it also wants to make you happy, too. So, wear it with pride, and let its enchanting design remind you that hope and adaptation can thrive despite climate challenges.

Embrace the magic of this felted Rainfall Resilience Witch Hat, and together, let's celebrate the spirit of resilience and the boundless beauty of our ever-changing world.



• From its base, this hat goes from almost black to a sombre navy blue, transforming to creamy vanilla at its tip. In between, the hat contains various shades of blue-green, teal, and bone-white.



• The hat has an asymmetrical brim, with the left side much wider than the right. There are cascading black waves at the base of the hat. The underside of the hat has five sequined craters/eyes. There is a sort of biomorphic vertical spine towards the back. The middle area of the hat has a scale-like pattern that resembles dried earth or lizard skin. A cluster of 'Y'- shaped villi/seedlings ascends towards the top.  At the very tip of the hat, there are two emerging leaflet shapes.

Note: The hat has some millinery wire in the top half to help hold its shape and allow you to bend it. It's a pose-able hat! The hat also has millinery stiffener painted on the upper interior. These hatmaking techniques help to give the hat its shape.


• The hat measures 17" / 43 cm in height and 15" / 38 cm in width, with the brim being 3.5" / 9 cm at its widest point.

If you extend the hat to its full height, it measures approximately 27 " / 68.5 cm. However, it has been designed so that its pointy bit curves around, like a seedling reaching towards the light.

•  It's a medium-weight thickness of felt and weighs 13 oz. / 368 gm.

• Size VARIABLE: Currently, the hat fits a small to large head size - 21.75" / 53 cm to 23.5" / 60 cm. 

When ordering, please let me know your head size, and I will adjust the hat to fit you.

If you do not know your head size, go here to learn how to measure.

This hat does not have a grosgrain ribbon on the inside. I will hand-sew one in if requested.

This hat is ready to ship.

If you have any questions, please contact me.



Merino Wool, Bergshaf Wool, Viscose Fibres, Sequin Fabric, Millinery Wire, Millinery Stiffener, Thread, and Washed Irish Wool for Stuffing.




Felt is an eco-friendly fiber that is water and stain-resistant. Dust isn't a problem - just give it a shake. Due to this hat's complex construction, please limit to spot cleansing with a damp cloth. 

Of course, you can wear your hat in the rain.  After all, felt is made with soap and water, yet naturally resists water. However, if your hat gets drenched, please air dry it by sitting over a wine bottle, so that the brim can retain its shape.

What is Felt?

Each FeltHappiness Hat is entirely handmade and created from soft Merino wool fibers using the technique of wet felting. It's an ancient and simple craft that takes patience and lots of kneading to shrink the fibers into a strong, flexible, and warm felt. To learn more, see HERE.

In addition to insulating, wool naturally resists water. Hence, your felted hat will keep you warm in chilly weather and dry in light rain. Plus, wool resists mildew, dirt, and fire!

It's magical stuff!

Measuring Your Head

Every head has its own unique size and shape, which can be measured with a flexible tape measure or even a piece of string.

Take the tape measure and encircle your head, just above the top of your ears. Make sure that the tape measure goes over that small bump at the back of your head. Please don't pull it tightly. Leave a little 'ease' so that one finger can fit under the tape. An ear-to-ear measure can be helpful too.

Measure three times: it is surprising how it can vary!

Inches or centimetres are fine.


Wool is a highly sustainable and eco-friendly material. Sheep grow their wool continuously and need to be shorn regularly for their own health and comfort. This means that wool is a renewable resource, and the production of wool does not harm the animal.

In addition, wool is biodegradable, which means that it will naturally decompose over time and will not accumulate in landfills or oceans. This makes wool a great alternative to synthetic materials that take centuries to decompose and contribute to environmental pollution.

Moreover, wool is an excellent insulator, which means that it can help to reduce energy consumption by keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also naturally flame-resistant and has antibacterial properties, making it a safe and hygienic choice for clothing and bedding.

Overall, wool is a sustainable and natural product with many benefits for both the environment and consumers. FeltHappiness Hats uses wool into our products to promote more sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

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