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~ Adopted ~ Gray Gotland Wool Felted Beret with Slashes

~ Adopted ~ Gray Gotland Wool Felted Beret with Slashes

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Sorry, but this Gray Gotland Wool Felted Beret with Slashes has already been adopted. If you would like your own version of this hat, please contact me. 


This Gray Felted Beret has a classic look and is fun to wear. You can have the slashes going straight back from your face, or you can turn the hat and have them 'rake' across your head. 

• Natural gray, Gotland wool gives a heather-ed color to this hat. The inner layers are made from a softer, brown-colored Merino wool, which makes the hat easier to wear and richer in color. The hat is decorated with five 'slashes' across the top of the hat. 

• This beret is flat on top.

• The hat is entirely handmade and created from soft Gotland wool and finer Merino wool fiber using the technique of wet felting. This ancient and simple craft takes patience and lots of kneading to shrink the fibers into strong, flexible and warm felt. In addition to insulating, wool naturally resists water; this hat will keep you warm in chilly weather and dry in light rain.

• The hat measures 5" / 13 cm in height and 11" / 28 cm in width.
• It is a medium thickness of felt and weighs 4.2 oz. / 119 gm.
• Headsize LARGE & it fits a range of -- 22.5" / 57 cm to 23.75" / 60. 

• Inside the hat, there's a wide gray-colored grosgrain ribbon with a drawstring. Pull on the cord to make the hat smaller in size.

• Felt is an eco-friendly, fiber that is water and stain-resistant. Dust is not a problem - just give it a shake. This hat can be gently hand-washed in cool water. Rinse. Blot dry on a towel. Place a small towel inside to shape. Always air dry hand felted wearables.



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