11 Lucky Green Hats for St Patrick's

11 Lucky Green Hats for St Patrick's

More than Luck

One of the many things that I love about my new Shopify website is that you can narrow down a selection to a particular type or color of hat.

For example, say, you needed a GREEN colored hat for a certain, upcoming holiday - St Patrick's Day.

Well, then you would go to my Shop section and select 'All Hats.' Then, you would select 'Green Hats' and voila eleven of them pop-up. Pretty cool, yes? (This greatly pleases my librarian-heart. Although, it would be better if one could do a sub-search on this to whittle down a selection. Perhaps one can. I just have not figured out how to do this).

Lucky Hat Countdown

So, here is a countdown of 11 of my felted hats. Some are everyday felted hats, that would be easy to wear to work. Whereas, others are more specialized hats that may require special events and locations.

We'll start with the everyday green felted hats and then proceed to the fantasy hats.

1. This Lime Green and White Beret is the kind of hat that you could wear anywhere.

Lime Green and White Felted Beret


2. This Green Pillbox hat is part of my Mossy Forest Series that I made last autumn. I used a technique that I learned via Pam de Groot's online class.

Mossy Green Felted Hat

3. Here is the 'sister hat,' a forest green fez. Can you see the stylized nest or bark on this one?

Mossy Green Forest Felted Fez Hat

4. This felted hat is an aqua color, which is a form of green. Again, an everyday hat.

Blue Green Top Hat with Cloche fit

5. Next up, is a slightly more exotic green and purple hat - the Mermaid's Cloche.

Memaid's Cloche in Green and Purple

6. Another shade of green is Emerald Green. There are two hats in this shade of green. This one is the beret. While it looks like an everyday hat, I originally made it for Harry Potter's Slytherin Fans. It even has a snake eye on the front!

Emerald Green Felted Beret

7. Getting wilder in style, this extra tall, green top hat is the same Emerald Green as the above beret. It too has 'snake eyes' felted in.

8 & 9. Is whimsical wild? Here are two green berets that have more than a bit of fairy to them. They are slightly different in size. Here's the medium sized one.

Green Beret with Leaf on Top

And here is the other one.

Larger sized Green Beret with Leaf

10. Initially, I didn't think that this felted hat came out particularly wizard-y, even though I was trying to make an abstracted unicorn-inspired hat crossed with a retro hat that might be worn by a 1940's chanteuse. What do you think?

Not a lot of folks noticed it on display during my recent craft fairs. Perhaps, I need to model it

Pale Green Unicorn Hat

11. Last up, and the wildest hat is the Green Gnome Hat. At 21 inches, it's quite tall and not exactly an everyday hat, on the Hat Richter Scale.

Maybe it could be your Lucky Leprechaun Hat?

Tall Green Gnome Hat

As you can see, I LOVE the color green and have made more than the eleven hats that you can see featured in this blog post. The color reminds me of plant life: from the tiny shoots to what becomes tall trees. And while plants may not be considered 'lucky' per se, they are a force for good on our earth.

However, not everyone likes green hats.  

Other Perspectives on Green Hats

Now, while some folks consider  GREEN and GREEN Hats to be lucky, others do not. 

A while back, over on Instagram, I had 'hashtagged' some of my hats as #greenhats. Several times, I had a few visitors/viewers comment oddly. Not the usual type of sweet/lovely comment. Instead, they merely tagged someone else and wrote #greenhat. I finally asked one of them, and she explained that it was part of a language class assignment. However, that didn't reveal anything!

So, I did some digging and learned HERE and HERE, that in Mandarin a 'Green Hat.' sounds like the word 'Cuckhold.' Historically, men whose girlfriends or wives cheated on them were forced to wear Green Hats.  Hence, no one wants to wear them now.

Who would have thought that the color of your hat could be so revealing or controversial?

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Yes! It’s a beautiful color, Carolyn. Thank you for stopping by <3

Juliane Gorman

Green is my favorite color – all shades. ;-)


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