Hat Testimonials

While I have been making hats for a long time, my 'paper trail' for reviews on this website are still developing. As I've been on Etsy since 2012, please, do check out the lovely comments that my generous Etsy customers have left.


Here's a review from Susan, who has several FeltHappiness hats in her collection:


 Testimonal from Susan about her hat - My newest purchase is a beauty in an array of purple hues, with all sorts of different textures and shapes.   Juliane's hats are amazing and so much fun to wear.


In addition to selling online, I sell at arts festivals in Pittsburgh and beyond. (Please see my Events page for more details where to find me).

This review comes from Jen, who has three of my felted hats:


Testimonial from Jen who says, "Fun people stop me to say how much they love my Bluebird of Happiness Hat. It's warm, artsy and a kick to wear."

Lastly, you will now find lovely Hat Reviews from some of my recent clients towards the bottom of my home page.