How to Care for your Hat

 “Can I wash my hat?”

Felt is an eco-friendly, material that is water and stain resistant. Dust isn't a problem - just give it a shake. 

While wool resists dirt and dust mites, it can get dirty. After wearing your hat for a while, you may want to clean it. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to care for FeltHappiness Hats.

All of the Hats have a care tag sewn to the inside. Consult your hat.

Most of the hats are hand washable. FeltHappiness hats are made from sheep wool and are wet felted using soapy water and agitation. 

Sample of FeltHappiness Hats' Care tags for Hand Washing

If the Tag says No - When Not to (Wet) Wash

However, if you can feel a wire along the edge of a hat’s brim, or if there is beading, then it’s wiser not to immerse in water. Millinery wire and many beads do better not getting wet.

Instead, carefully spot clean your hat with a damp cloth. By spot cleaning, the wire and the beading will be fine.

Of course, you can still wear your hat in the rain - after all, felt is made with soap and water. However, if your hat gets drenched, pat dry with a towel. Then, dry by sitting it over a wine bottle or small towel so that the hat can retain its shape.


If the Tag Says Yes - How to Wet Wash

The key to washing wool is to limit agitation and temperature changes, These changes can shock the fibers and shrink your hat so that it becomes too small.

Many people have had this surprise when machine washing wool sweaters.

 Really, it’s quite easy to care for felted hats.  


Five Steps to Cleaning a Wet Felted Hat

1.  Fill a bucket or wash basin with lukewarm water. Make sure that the bucket is roomy enough so that the hat won’t be crowded. Add a DROP of gentle soap, such as Woolite, dishwashing soap or shampoo. The water does not have to be extra sudsy with soap.



Plastic Dishwashing Tub with Method Dishwashing Soap for handwashing felted hats.

2.  Gently submerge felt hat in water and let sit 15-20 minutes. You can swish it about, but don’t agitate it too much.


Felted Hat submerged in plastic dishwashing bucket. Use cool water and a drop of soap.


3.  Remove hat and tip out the dirty water. Refill basin with clean, room temperature water. Let sit ten minutes.

Rinse out all the soap, using cool water. Again, don't agitate the felted hat.


4.  Remove from water and blot dry in a clean towel.

Dry felted hat by rolling it up in a clean, dry towel.


5. Shape with a small, dry towel on the inside, smoothing and pulling to return the hat to its proper silhouette. Tuck the millinery ribbon inside the hat.

Damp felted hat with a small towel curled up inside to help keep the hat's shape.


Voila! a clean and dry felted hat!

Top view of a gray, handfelted beret after it has been hand washed.