Fun Hat Collages

For amusement, I started making digital collages featuring my felted headwear. Then, during the Coronavirus, collaging became a therapeutic necessity. Many of the collages from this period were inspired by online friend Josephine Dervish's delightful Joyous Dressing challenge. 

Some of the hat collages reveal millinery inspiration. While others are merely surrealistic 'what ifs.'

Here they are, in order of creation. The first one is quite old, but the rest were made in the last year or so. Most of them can be seen over on my Instagram account.  

Oh! If you click on a collage, it should take you to the associated Shop page. 

Pardon that there is a very, very long scroll. I've not managed to figure out how to make an attractive table on Shopify. And the html skills that I learned a long tiime ago in Library School have atrophied. :)

Hat Attack for Hosta Lady
 Fig Trio
Peachy Beret
Finding Joy - Orange Beret with Autumn Tree
Brimmed Hat with van Gogh's Starry Night
Martha Washington and the Mushroom Beret
Avocado Life Collage - includes kitchen appliances
Indigo Snowflakes Digital Hat Collage
Valentine's Top Hat with Bleeding Heart Plants and Candy Hearts.
Candy Cane Witch Hat with Heart Frame
Underside of Mushroom with Polka Dot Hoot
Bandleader Cap with Fireworks & Mushroom
Slice of Lime Beret
Four Leaf Clover for Luck
Long and Winding Road Competition Hat with a hairpin turn road.
Pillbox with mossy ground collage
Mermaid Cloche under the sea
Emerald Green Beret with Snake for Slytherin
Cypress Trees with Yellow Bucket Hat
Oak Tree Inspired Hat with Picnic
Turquoise Fjords of Norway with Fedora
Iridescent Blue Cloche with Morphos Butterfly
Eggplant Beret with Easter Eggs
Prince Tribute Collage with Raspberry Bandleader Hat
Earth Day 2020 Wizard Hat Collage
Purple Rain meets Purple Unicorn Wizard Hat
Impressionist Cloche in Monet's GIverny with Waldo/Wally
Day Glo Cloche inspired by a fellow maker in Pittsburgh
Amidst the poppies and pea vines - yellow fedora.
 May Day Collage with Russian Constructivist Posters in background.
Nunofelted Hat in Turquoise against English sea defences.
 Yellow Sunflower Cloche.
Over to the Shop to see  Pastel Unicorn Style Felted Hat which is SOLD.
White Surrealistic Brain Hat
Red and White Mushroom Top Hat in a mushroom inspired collage.
Vegas Creamsicle Hat with a collage of lilly stamens.
Black Felted Pagoda Hat with Curlicue on Top with Op Art Collage AND Audrey Hepburn from 'My Fair Lady.'
Another collage of the Black Pagoda Hat with Black and White cookies and the Manhattan Skyline.
Beret in Ivory with Handpainted Brown Spots collaged with a leopard.
Architectural White Hat with Purple Drawing with Harold and the Purple Crayon and flying Birds of Happiness
Cat Hat Collage with Kiwi and Pickes (my cats)..
Tumeric Yellow Felted Beret with Sculptural Pod against Collage of Moroccan Spices in Retro Kitchen.
Light Blue Beret with Fishtail collaged against a bathtub full of waves.
Orange Colored Beret with Felted Seed Pod set in a bedroom of Tulips.
Purple Jester Fantasy Headdress with Tassels set against a vintage swingset.
Blue Pilgrim Top Hat with Striped Brim set against a field of marbelized cotton fabric and glass marbles, with a backdrop of the famouse Earthrise photo behind me.