3 New Galentine's Hats

3 New Galentine's Hats

More Red Hats

In keeping with the 10-year-old tradition of Galentines, here are three new, felted hats that use the color RED and could be used to celebrate the holiday.

A Classic Look

Felted Red Top Hat for Galentine's Day - top view and side view

This red Top Hat is classy, yet whimsical due to the wiggly white stripes on the side and the stylized 'Eye' on the tip. Perfect for your Galentine (or self) who likes to wear her Playful Side! Plus, it's made of magical, Merino wool - you know the fiber that keeps you warm and dry. It's HERE in the FeltHappiness Shop.

Second Galentine's Hat

Next up, is more understated, for your friend who is quiet but likes Shiny Things. It's a white and red fedora that has two circles of nunofelted gold fabric. Find it HERE.

New Galentine's Hat - a Felted Fedora in White and Red Merino Wool, with two Golden Colored Circles.


For your Wild Galentine

An unusual Galentine's Hat, this one white with a red and blue brain on top.

This felted hat is rather unusual - not for your everyday Galentine. It is an over-sized, larger than life hat. It reminds me of the Queen of Hearts and also... pies, the crimped edge part. The most surrealistic aspect: it has a red and blue felted 'brain' popping out of the top.

Originally, I made this part of the hat as part of one of the lessons from Pam de Groot's online class. At the time, I couldn't quite imagine transforming the brain sample into a hat. However, one of my Instagram friends, SheWhoBelongstoZeus, encouraged me to make a beret out of it. Well, it certainly morphed from a simple beret!

At the moment, I'm still editing additional photos for this hat in my shop - and white hats against white backgrounds are tricky to edit.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday of Galentine's whatever way you like: red wine, dark chocolates or red hats.





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