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7 of My Favorites @ Sculpture In Context in Dublin

Sculpture in Context Opens

Sadly, I missed the opening night of Sculpture in Context.  I had the perfect hat which I really need to blog about. (You can see it over on Instagram). Yesterday, I was finally able to happily see the show. It's glorious - the combination of diverse artworks and a garden in full bloom! 

Sculpture in Context is an annual exhibition, now in its 38th year. Over 120 artists have work installed within the extensive National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Located in the Glasnevin neighborhood, the gardens are an easy bus ride from Dublin's city center. Worth visiting year-round, the Gardens are especially beautiful right now. The Perennial Borders are a riotous mass of bright colors! Incidentally, Admission is FREE!


Feltmakers Exhibited

FeltmakersIreland has a TWO part article on members who have work in the show. You can find the posts in Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE. (My work, along with that of three other artists can be found at second link).

I am honored to have an installation at the show. Below is a selfie of me with part of the work, Perpetual. There are six felted pods installed beneath the Wisteria Chain Tent, an elaborate metal structure from the Victorian era that has an enormous wisteria growing all over it!

As the plant is typically a spring-bloomer, I thought that my piece would bring interest to the Sculpture in Context visitors.


Juliane Gorman -- Perpetual.


While there are sculptures displayed indoors in the Visitor Center and the various glasshouses, I was most taken with the pieces that I came across outdoors, in the landscape. The 'Context' was more dramatic. 


My Seven Favorites

Tara Butler-Frey -- Childhood Memories. Loved how you could see this piece at a distance, always surrounded by dancing grasses. In the catalog, she refers to memories of going to the seaside.


Tara Butler-Frey -- Childhood Memories



Richard and Elsa Healy -- Sea Glass Shark.  This is another sculpture nestled amongst the grasses. It contains found sea glass.


Richard and Elsa Healy -- Sea Glass Shark



Petr Holecek -- Quack Quack. Love how this leaping frog balances. It's made of Polystyrene and fiberglass. The swans like it too!


Petr Holecek -- Quack Quack


Kevin Pierce -- Clawing Back the Earth. This enormous hand was one of the many sculptures with an environmental theme. I liked how it changed as you walked around it.


Kevin Pierce -- Clawing Back the Earth



Edward Cook -- Under Pressure. Do you see a giant beverage 'pop top'? At first glance, it looks comical. However, the 'hole' on the ground has a painted surface with an ominous image of two hands pushing up from underneath. 


Edward Cook -- Under Pressure


Aylet Lalor -- Skyscraper. I just love the figurative work of this artist!


Aylet Lalor -- Skyscraper


David Carvill -- paths(obscured). This installation was at one end of the Palm House. It made me stop and observe the unusual space....and also enter the sculpture!


David Carvill -- paths(obscured)


Go See the Show

Of course, there were more than seven fabulous pieces.  I didn't manage to see all of the work. Definitely get a map because some of the sculptures are hard to find as they are nestled away.

For those of you who are unable to fly over to Dublin, please enjoy some Virtual Reality tours of the National Botanic Gardens. (Alas, the sculptures are not included).


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