Coronavirus Inspired Felted Hat

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Anything can inspire a hat, right? Even the Coronavirus?

In March, Fiona Duthie, a wonderful artist, and feltmaking teacher announced her 'Separate yet Connected' creative challenge. Fiona encouraged us, her current and former students, to use the theme of the Coronavirus, whether literally or metaphorically, to make felted art.

You can visit the exciting results of our felted pieces, which include wearables, wall art, sculptures, and more, HERE on Fiona's website. 

Coronavirus inspired felted hat for the Separate Yet Connected Online Exhibition organized by Fiona Duthie.


While I normally create 'artistic' hats, I make art exhibition ones less frequently because they tend to be more technically involved and less wearable, to boot. However compared to my Vegas Creamsicle, this Covid-19 inspired hat is less of an engineering challenge.

For more details on its construction, visit HERE. To see a video of me wearing the hat, visit my Instagram.

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  • felthappiness on

    Hello Sharon,

    I will email you about the Hat – I’m delighted that you LOVE it!

  • Sharon McIndoe on

    I absolutely LOVE this. Is it for sale?

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