New Studio Shed filled with containers of wool

Now Felting in Studio Shed in Dublin

New Felting Space for FeltHappiness

In mid-December, the cats, my eldest son, and I moved to Ireland to join my younger son and spouse. 

Other than my husband's employment, everything was unknown. But, as Marie Forleo says, 'Everything is Figureoutable.'  Thankfully, we have experience with international moves. Additionally, after living a dozen years in Norwich, UK, we knew that houses are different from those in America, and they're usually smaller!

 My New Home Studio

Walk to my new-to-me studio shed

Preceding the move, we had lived in the Pittsburgh area for seven years. Not unexpectedly, there were many moving parts to this international move. It was the first time that we had a house to sell. So, in addition to THAT stress, there was the going through the masses of possessions/trinkets/doodads. Alas,(or not), we are not to be minimalists.

To reduce everything down, we had two garage sales, gave items away, made multiple trips to the nearby Goodwill, and lastly (and sadly) threw things away. Nonetheless, much remained and was packed by movers and shipped across the Atlantic.

Thankfully, the container (filled with merino wool, felted hats, and the rest of our lives) arrived rather speedily across the Atlantic Ocean. The movers unloaded it the day before St Patrick's Day (which is a HUGE national holiday in Ireland).

Unpacking and arranging is still a-happening! But, the basics of our existence are sorted.

Organizing the Felting Studio is in-process, as we speak. Can I pivot the table in order to better reach all around it? Then, I had better shift my flexible tower of plastic storage containers! Can you see that it's rainbow-arranged?

Anyway, I'm delighted to cuddle my fibers finally! Not having access to regular fiber therapy duing a stressful time was frankly anxiety-making. 

A peek inside

Cozy insides of my studio shed with lots of wool


The Shed

And while it's neither tall nor large, the Studio-Shed is conveniently located behind the house and has a scenic view of the larger-than-expected garden. Plus, there's electricity and a ceiling light! It's larger than the spare room where I used to felt in Pennsylvania. Or so I tell myself. So, not a bad outcome from our Leap into the Unknown.

Here's to settling in to make some awesome Felted Hats!

Do you have a special place where you like to do your work?


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Hello Zo,

It’s fantastic to hear from you after all these years! Had wondered what you were up to and how you were doing. Hopefully, your Alaskan Adventures continue to be fruitful!

This Continent Shift is okay. I really do like living in Ireland! Where we live is like a magic portal: one door leads to City Life full of culture, and the other leads to all the natural beauty of Ireland. Plus, as I walk to shops I get to see tons of non-native sculptural plants (like towering Echium) from my California years.

I will email you because I’m unsure whether you will receive a notification of this response.

With appreciation,

Juliane Gorman

Juliane! It’s been more than a couple of years since we’ve been in contact. Lots has happened in Alaska. I read in your blog that a lot has happened to you, too! Nothing like moving continents every few years to keep things lively…
Just so glad you’re still creating somewhere where I could find you. I still gets compliments on my hats. How do you like Doublin?

Zo Herriges

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