Moving to Ireland Hat Sale

Moving to Ireland Hat Sale

Help Me Pack Less

My family and I are moving to Dublin, Ireland very, very soon. So, instead of putting my one-of-a-kind, felted hats go into a cargo container, I'm having a Moving Sale!  Better that the hats get to be worn THIS winter, right? (Shipping containers can take three months, we have been told).

Moving Sale

Consequently, ALL hats are automatically 15% off. There's no need for a coupon code!


Map of Ireland with Emerald Green Felted Top Hat in the foreground


Due to packing up my house, I cannot make any custom creations at this time. Nor am I doing any craft fairs in the USA.  Hopefully, when life gets settled, Irish-inspired hats will appear from my fingertips!


If you have any questions, please click the Connect tab on my website.

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Oh, wow…. I’m sorry to see you leave this continent, but I sure don’t blame you! May everything go smoothly for all of you! Such a dreary time of the year to move, so I hope you get decent weather. Big hug to you!

Rachel M Biel

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