'Opposites Attract' - Group Art Exhibition

'Opposites Attract' - Group Art Exhibition

Feltmakers Ireland currently has a group art exhibition organised around the theme of 'Opposites Attract'. In the show, 38 members have a piece.

Artworks range from wearables to wall art and from figurative to abstract, while techniques range from wet felting to needle felting.

I, of course, made a wet felted hat. This hat, titled 'Balancing', uses Irish-raised, Cladoir wool fibre and synthetic iridescent lace! It is a study of contrasts. And like many an exhibition hat, it is also a bit of an engineering feat!


If you're in Dublin, please come and experience the beauty and creativity of our exhibition at the gallery. It's a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of textile art.


The Details

  • Where: Phoenix Park Visitors' Centre Gallery
  • When: from 10 AM to 4 PM daily
  • The show runs until Sunday, the 26th of May, closing at 2 PM.



My artwork, 'Balancing', delves into the dual nature of our dependence on oil. Just as opposites attract, our reliance on oil draws us in with promises of convenience, power, and economic prosperity while simultaneously repelling us with the ecological devastation and social inequality it perpetuates. Through my piece of felted headwear, I encourage reflection on this complex relationship and the need for sustainability.


Learn More

If you are unable to make to Dublin, you can read about my colleagues' inspiration and see photographs in an ongoing blog series at Feltmakers Ireland. HERE is the first article which features six members.


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