Pittsburgh Bridge inspired Felted Hats

Pittsburgh Bridge inspired Felted Hats

While not new, I want to share my Pittsburgh bridge-inspired, felted hat collection as there are only two hats remaining. You can see the fedora which has recently been adopted over on my website HERE. 

So Many Bridges

Five years ago, I moved to Pittsburgh. As a non-native, I was truly impressed by the number of bridges in the city. According to Wikipedia, there are 446 bridges in Pittsburgh!  Even the crosswalks downtown have snazzy stenciled silhouettes of bridges.

So, to honor Pittsburgh, in 2017, I created a series of felted hats that also happen to be the same as the unified Colors of Pittsburgh - Black -n- Gold. And even if one isn't tuned-in to team spirit, you can't miss how ~often~ it surfaces in Pittsburgh. Here's a color-coordinated car that I saw in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

The Colors

Black n Gold SUV seen in the Strip District in Pittsburgh


The Hats

Originally, there were five or so hats in my PGH Bridge Collection. Slowly, they have been adopted. The tallest one as seen HERE, on my Instagram, supposedly lives in Michigan!

Now, only two Black -n- Gold Hats remain - a flat top beret and a more exotic, stylized conquistador's helmet.


The Flat Top Beret

This one is quite easy to wear. Am continually surprised when folks try it on. Like it, but then say they couldn't, as they, shhhh - don't like the sports associated with the famous colors!

Back view of black-colored, felted flat top beret with gold-colored Pittsburgh bridge


The Conquistador's Hat

Whereas, this hat is a lot harder to pull off. It does no favors to my face. However, I have seen it look fab on a striking, raven-haired artist that I met in Chautauqua, NY. (Seen here in another of my hats).

A Black -n- Gold Hat inspired by the Pittsburgh Bridges



While it was a fun series to think about and make, I probably wouldn't revisit it as the sporty folk rarely want art hats and the artistic folk don't want to be associated with team sports.

Because most importantly, FeltHappiness Hats need to be adopted so that they can be loved!

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