FeltHappiness Hats will be at Showcase Ireland 2023

Showcase Ireland 2023 - FeltHappiness Hats

Big News

FeltHappiness Hats is excited to be at Showcase Ireland, in Booth C 91, within the DCCI (Design Crafts Council Ireland) section.

What It Is

Showcase is the premier trade show in Ireland, annually bringing in retail buyers from over 24 countries. The event runs from the 22-24th of January, 2023.
The Wide Brimmed Hat from the GLO Collection for Showcase Ireland

New Collections for FeltHappiness

At Showcase, you will find three new FeltHappiness collections inspired by Irish nature and art.

Inspired by Harry Clarke

The GLO Collection is inspired by the imaginative and colour-saturated stained glass of Harry Clarke. I first encountered his work at the Hugh Lane Gallery and was amazed by his talents. Here's a video that looks at the piece in the gallery - "The Eve of Saint Agnes." AMAZING STUFF!!!

Inspired by the Irish Landscape

Whereas my STONE Collection is inspired by nature in the ever-present mossy walls that you see in Dublin. Here is a particularly charming one from near my house.

Mossy wall from nearby my house.

Visit my Instagram to see videos of me in some of the wall-inspired hats.

Celtic Inspiration

The third collection is a series of felt berets inspired by the traditional Celtic triskele symbol. Some of the most famous examples can be found at Newgrange, a tomb that is over 5000 years old.

Using Irish Wool

Since learning about how wool from Irish sheep is often unused, and ends up being either composted or burned, I have made an effort to include Irish wool in all my work.

Jacob Wool

Hence, each collection contains Irish-grown wool - specifically Jacob Wool from Kerry Woolen Mills.  I LOVE how it comes in such a variety of colours: ranging from oatmeal to charcoal grey. In addition to being beautiful, it is much more sustainable as it is raised in Ireland.

In addition, my new felted hat collections also contain Merino wool, Bergschaf wool, and other natural fibres. (I am not yet weaned off Merino).

Made Local

I'm part of the Made Local campaign. It has been set up by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) to encourage the adoption of locally made fine craft. 

Made Local, Made to Last - DCCI Ireland

Lastly, all of my hats are all hand-felted in my (somewhat chilly) home studio-shed in my back garden in Dundrum, Dublin.

Each one is Made Local, Made to Last. Find your practical and/or fantastical felted hat to treasure for years!

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