2 Hats are Better than 1 for Fun @ Craft Fairs

2 Hats are Better than 1 for Fun @ Craft Fairs

Double the Fun

Remember those chewing gum advertisements that featured twins?

Well, I didn't have any twins trying on hats at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. But, I did have lots of sisters and friends trying on hats simultaneously. It seemed to be the most fun when visitors tried on similar hats at the same time. There is a sort of synergy that happens in my booth that becomes contagious, in a good way!

Here's the Leaf Hat modeled by two sisters. This hat proved extra popular last Saturday and ~almost~ got adopted. 


Two sisters modeling two similarly designed felted hats - the Green Leaf Caps - at the PGH Knit and Crochet Festival.


Why Multiples?

Originally, I made three of the Leaf Hats because I had the idea of making a Three Bears version of each of my hats.

What is a Three Bears version? Well, that would be a Small, Medium and Large size hat so that in theory, every customer could try on ~every~ hat available.   

You can see this demonstrated below, in a photo of visitors to my booth at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in 2018. 


Two hats are more fun than one. Here are three Red and Yellow Felted Hats being worn by three visitors to the Three Rivers Arts Festival last year.

However, the Three Bears concept didn't work that well in reality for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, my large-sized hats are almost always the first ones to be adopted! Next, come the medium-sized hats who find Loving Homes. As a result, one of the triplets ends up alone. Typically, this would be the smallest sized hat.

Oddly, that did not happen with my Green Leaf Caps. In December, the smallest cap was purchased for a tween during Handmade Arcade. Consequently, the medium and large ones are still available, if you desire some Spring-like whimsy in your wardrobe. 

The Other Reason
The second reason that the Three Bears of Hatmaking doesn't work well has to do with me. It's fine to make a series of related hats. But, trying to make a hat exactly the same is both challenging due to the nature of feltmaking AND boring due to my own restless nature.

Instead, Thematic Connections

Again, the same two sisters trying on similiar hats - this time two Ivory and Brown Cheetah Spotted Berets.

Above are the same hat-loving, sisters enjoying my recently made Cheetah Berets, proving that it's Double the Fun when visitors can try on ~similar~ looking hats. And it's also fun for me, the maker, as I'm not trying to 'copy' a hat exactly!

These Cheetah Berets can be found in the Beret Section of my Shop.

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