Introducing the Peapod Series of Colorful Felted Hats

Introducing the Peapod Series of Colorful Felted Hats

Peapod Series

My newest series of Peapod Hats were made in the Spring when the weather was chilly and the garden was still gray. Unconsciously, I desired the vibrancy of summer.

Choosing Colors

This led me to design with an unusual (for me) color palette of Yellows, Oranges, and Greens. The resulting Hat Collection evokes the paintings of Vincent van Gogh and imagined summers in the South of France.
Colorful Yellow Hat with Rounded Tip and Green and Orange felted Peapods on the side.
Oversized Peapod Hat
To see more of this Oversized, Rounded Tip Hat with Fat Peapods, visit the Shop. 

Why Peas?

During the richness of summer, have you ever gone out and picked peas for your supper? They are a beautiful plant to behold. Like little jungles.
This botanically-inspired hat series has stylized felted peapods, which combine the lovely roundness of the pods, with the twisty tendrils of the vines.
Colorful Fedora Hat in Yellow, Orange and Green with Felted Peapods
Fedora Style Peapod Hat
As always, each hat is unique and one-of-a-kind. The Fedora style Peapod Hat has a shorter crown and a quieter outlook.  To see more photos of it, visit my shop.
To see the Peapod Collection, visit the shop.
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