3 Unique Unicorn Inspired Fantasy Hats for Festival Wear

3 Unique Unicorn Inspired Fantasy Hats for Festival Wear

Last fall, I made three unique unicorn-inspired hats which might be fun to wear to fairie festivals....or anywhere you would like a bit of attention.

Of course, these unusual, felted hats are rather whimsical, after all, they each have a horn on them. But, they are also very beautiful because of the way the colors of the Merino wool interact. Plus, there is the added joy of sparkle from iridescent fibers and fabric felted into the hats. 

Everyday Unicorn

First up, the almost every day, mint-green, unicorn-inspired fedora-style hat. If you look closely, you can see that there are a kaleidoscope of yummy pastel colors contained in this hat. In addition to greens, there are pinks and blues. 

Pale Green Fedora with Unicorn inspired horn on the side.

In keeping with this unicorn hat being a wear-about-town hat, the horn is rather modest in height. Yes, you can wear this hat in the car.

Pastel Unicorn

The second unicorn hat is a lot taller, more like a witch's hat. And it cannot be worn in a car - unless you have a sunroof. Instead of going to the shops, it's probably better for festival wear.

Pale Purple Unicorn Inspired Fantasy Hat shaped like a Witch's Hat.

However, because of the insulating properties of wool, this hat will, of course, keep you warm whenever you are dancing under a frosty moon.

The Pastel-Colored Unicorn Hat is an especially pretty lavender color and has iridescent beading around the 'eyes' on the sides.


Dark Unicorn

Last of the trio, is the opposite of its lighter colored mate. When I completed it at the end of December 2018, I imagined that couples could try on the pair together. It certainly would be the perfect accessory for Craft Fair Selfies.

The Dark Unicorn inspired hat has a color palette that is a rich and mysterious purple. Like the hats depicted above, it contains a kaleidoscope of colors.

Dark Unicorn Inspired Pointed Felt Hat


If you are interested in seeing or learning more about each of these unicorn-inspired hats, click on the photos. Or visit the Wizard Section of my Shop to see more unique hats. 


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