More Digital Hat Collages

This is a continuation of the first FeltHappiness Hat Collage page where whimsical felted hats dance with inspiration taken from the natural world and surrealism.

 If you click on a hat, it should take you to its Shop Page.

Two hats in this collage. In the center is a purple one, and to the side is the StarTrek Wizard Hat modeled by my husband.



Northern Lights Collage with Jewel Toned Fedora that is Adopted.



Woman wearing a vintage kimono and holding and apple. Red and Gray Felted Beret.



Collage inspired by Andy Warhol album cover of Aretha Franklin.




Collage inspired by Rolling Stones' album cover, 'Some Girls.'



Collage inspired by the Cranberries' album cover, 'Wake up and smell the coffee.'



Hat Collage inspired by Enya's album cover, 'And Winter Came.'



Digital Collage inspired by Natalie Merchant album cover, 'Kind and Generous.'



Digital Collage of a Lemon Beret set against a Telletubbie like landscape with a slice of lemon sun.



Digital Collage of Pale Blue Cap set against a snowy forest.



Digital Collage of a woman wearing a Tudor inspired hat, set in front of the Tower of London.



Pink and Blue Covid-19 inspired hat against a red and white striped background.



Three Hats in a Wicker Basket - like a sailing boat



Two Fruit Inspired Hats in a Cornucopia on a table with a another hat looking on.



Surreal Collage of Brain Hat popping out of Oven with two packages of Heinz Ketchup.

 The Violet Protest Hat in Red, Blue and Purple seen against a map of the USA.

Strawberry Beret head flying on a strawberry shaped broom - surreal collage.

Green Fig Hat against a golden background with stylized fig leaves.

 Pastel colored hat set against the top of a pale pink cactus.

Tall red hat with earflaps collaged against orange background with roulette wheel saying 'Which Witch'.

Spiky Red Beret against autumn tree and blue sky.

Leafy Green Hat against trees


Strawberry Cowl worn on head against a strawberry inspired collage.

Pointed Violet Protest hat collaged against a dark purple backdrop of fireworks.